NuSTAR Data Analysis Software and Calibration history

The NuSTAR Data Analysis Software (NuSTARDAS) package has been jointly developed by the ASI Space Science Data Center (SSDC, Italy) and the California Institute of Technology (Caltech, USA). The first table presents a history of the NuSTARDAS public releases, click on the NuSTARDAS version number to obtain the associated release notes.

The release history of associated calibration database files (CALDB) is presented below.

The NuSTARDAS and CALDB releases can be obtained from the HEASARC:

(Including the NuSTARDAS software users guide)


Last update: 2020-08-14

NuSTARDAS Releases
DateRelease VersionLinked to CALDB
2020-08- Temperature dependent ARF

numkarf      Temperature dependency for ARF CALDB query,
                    added obebhkfile input parameter
nuproducts  Modified call of numkarf (added obebhkfile parameter)
nupipeline   Modified call of nuproducts
                   (added inobebhkfile and obebhkfile parameters)
nu_highfits  Modified to support TFORM values 1PD(X)/1PI(X)
numetrology   upgrade to handle laser metrology METSTATE 4 and 6

Required for analysis of observations performed after 2020-03-16
2020-03- nupipeline    set orbit file = attorb for barycorr=yes and exitstage=3
nuproducts   new input parameter write_baryevtfile
nuscreen      added PRIOR column in default column list for cleaned event files
barycorr   added support for NuSTAR 'fine' clock correction
2018-10-226.25n/aImproved handling of remote CALDB and file i/o diagnostic output
2017-08- nucalcsaa      added saacalc=3 mode, improve handling of input cleaned event
nuexpomap   improvement in time-averaged optical axis location for
                    vignetting corrected exposure map
nuscreen      supress warning messages for zero exposure time
numkarf       improvement to extended source efective area calculation
nupipeline     support handling of saacalc=3 mode
2017-01- nucalcsaa    no fselect run if saamode=NONE and tentacle=no
nupipeline   select appropriate TLE file
nuscreen     bug fix
nufilter       add parameter timeadj=DEFAULT
2016-05- nusplitsc     New task for mode 06 event data
nucalcsaa    optimized SAA screening
nupipeline   accomode nusplitsc and nucaclsaa changes
nuflagbad   bug fix
nuscreen    add keyword OBSMODE
nufilter       add keywords MJDREF and MJDREFF in nu*.mkarf file
nucoord      update value of RA_NOM and DEC_NOM in unfiltered event files
2015-07- numkarf       new input parameters pilowarf, pihigharf and flatflag
numkrmf      bug fix for addrmf execution
nuproducts   new input parameters to support numkarf changes
nupipeline    new input parameters to support numkarf changes, handle
                   casses where cleaned event file is empty
XSELECT      updated entry for NuSTAR mkf name
2014-07- nuproducts   automatically apply grppha, new inputparameter usrgtobarycorr
nupipeline    addition of input parameter productsgtibarycorr
1.4.0 nuexpomap    add parameter indet2instrfile, optimization of execution time
nubackscale   add parameter inexpomapfile
nulccorr         add parameters inskyinstrfile inaspecthistofile
numkarf        add parameter inexpomapfile
nuproducts    add parameter rungrppha, modify calls to nubackscale, nulccorr,
                    and numkarf
nucalcpi        modification of algorithm for GRADE 0 and GRADE 9-20 events
nupipeline     handling of compressed TLE files, support latest Perl versions
2014-01- nuexpomap  addition of keywords PIXBIN and PERCENT to header
nulccorr        update value of DEADAPP to True
nupipeline     implement barycorr in call to nuproducts
nuproducts    implement barycorr, energy filtering through pilow and pihigh
2013-11- numetrology   psdcal input parameter
nuscreen        NUPSDOUT keyword
numkarf         energy dependent PSF correction
nuexpomap    inclusion of bad/hot pixels in exposure maps
nulccorr         energy dependent PSF correction
nupipeline      psdcal input parameter
2013-08-       NuSTARDAS Initial release

barycorr    add NuSTAR CALDB query capability
XSELECT   added entries for NuSTAR to xselect.mdb
aberrator    update to support NuSTAR orbit extension
barycorr     update to support NuSTAR clock

    CALDB release history

    This list does not include releases that are only for updates to clock correction files. Click on the version number for the release notes and click HERE for a combined ASCII file of all CALDB releases.

    Release date Version Description
    2020-08-13 20200813 This CALDB update contains required files for the NuSTARDAS v2.0.0 update which implements a new temperature-dependence during the ARF generation.

    v108 (and later) Clock correction files contain an improvement of the clock offset model that corrects for a ~5ms systematic shift in absolute alignment to UTC time. Corrects for time intervals with no temperature measurements.
    2020-05-06 20200429 High resolution clock correction files implemented
    MLI correction of ARF for FPMA
    2019-12-19 20191219 Patch for release 20191213 which updated the gain and badpixel files
    2019-12-13 20191213 Update for long term gain tracking and badpixel files
    2017-08-21 20170727 CALDB files used for SAA filtering saamode=3
    2016-06-06 20160606 Update gain, effective area, line of sight absorption
    gain v007, DETABS v003, VIGN v007
    2016-05-02 20160502
    • Defines how CHU combinations are split with nusplitsc
    •   requires NuSTARDAS v1.6.0 or later
    • SAAPAR update
    2015-03-20 20150316 Gain calibration improvement over the entire mission
    2014-07-01 20140414 Adjusted CLC files to improve gain calibration
    2014-01-17 20131223 VIGN adjustment (69.5 keV W edge)
    2013-11-25 20131007 ARF adjustment to match XMM/Swift/Chandra fluxes (NuSTAR flux -15%)
    Updates to INSTRMAP, PIXPOS, energy dependent PSF
    Updated hkrange files
    2013-08-14 20130509 Initial CALDB release

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